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10th Humane Race Enters the Record Books

We had wonderful weather for the 10th annual Humane Race! (Finally!)


Humane Race Finish Line
Almost 400 runners and 150+ dogs participated. Thanks everyone for coming out and making this the best year ever for The Humane Race!

By comparison, a similar event in Yakima, WA — coincidentally also celebrating their 10th anniversary this year — had 400 runners last week. Yakima has a population over 91,000 and the metropolitan area is over 243,000. So our turn-out in a town of 8,000 (including 2,000 college students) reflects nicely on the dedication of the people in the Berkshires to our animals.

  • Here’s the first batch of photos, taken by Karen Karlberg, Volunteer Coordinator at the BHS!
  • And here are some more photos shot by our friend and friend of The Humane Race Leslie Morgenthal!
  • Here is a batch of “documentary” photos (not very “arty”) of everyone barreling down
    Spring St. in The Humane Race. It might not be art, but YOU and/or YOUR DOG might be in one of the photos, so check ’em out!
  • These photos of The Humane Race come to us from Race Volunteer Sam Kobrin. Thanks Sam!

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Humane Race Finish Line